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'Odin' in full battle-rattle.

"Til Valhall."

-Bjorn 'Odin' Olafson, meaning "To Valhalla."

Bjorn Olafson is one of the newest members of the resistance, having been recruited by Malkira recently. He is known by his large beard, which is where he gets his nickname from.


Bjorn was born and raised in Sweden, into a family of farmers who resided in Uppsala. Bjorn's family was very traditional, trying as best they could to live as Swedes always have, Bjorn's father, Olaf Eriksson, even gave his son a traditional surname, 'Olafson'. Bjorn grew up practicing their native religion, now called Asatru, with his family and those closest to him. He learned all about the Norse pantheon of Gods, which is how he has now come to be known as "Odin", even leaving old Norse Futhark runes around the city as a calling card.

Around the time of the 7-hour war, Bjorn was just 20 years old. Now living in Stockholm, he immediately seeked shelter with his parents far off in the country-side. There he resided, as cities were erected around them, they stayed quiet and apart from everyone and everything. Until the antlions came, ravaging their land and attacking their home. They were forced into the nearest city, where Bjorn and parents were separated. He was sent to Union Metroplex 18, located somewhere is Eastern Europe, until that city also fell. Several years later, he found himself in the latest city, Metroplex 45. Here, he purchased a business license and sold union goods out of a local store. During this time, he grew to feel restless. He never put much thought into other people besides his parents, nor did he seem to care about the invasion until he was forced to leave home.



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'Odin' in his civilian attire.


'Odin' is most characterized by his large beard, where his name stems. He wears a simple black jacket, and pants. His sleeves are usually rolled up to show off his tattoos.

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What he calls his full "Battle Rattle", is an assortment of items. He wears a large Union kevlar vest, possibly scavenged from an OTA unit, a large torn trenchcoat, and a backpack (With several items for various jobs).

Most notably, he wears a pair of Overwatch (OWS) optics on his head. It isn't fully known what these can do in their current state, but Odin is rarely seen with them on, indicating they probably are not functional.