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Deviant-Gamers' HL2 and WAR-PAC roleplay home.

Here you will find character bio's and important lore information that pertains only to our servers.

We will have more resources for already-existing (hl2rp) lore items.

If you are interested in our community, you should visit our forums at:

Our [Garry's Mod] server has a number of features which will enhance your experience!
- Serverside map additions
- 'Third Person' mode
- Plenty of great server plugins
- Custom Metropolice Force models
- Custom Citizen models
- Custom content (music/sounds/materials/models etc)
- [Fast Download] service

We have chosen to run 'rp_city45_2013' on our server. This is a new map, released this year, which has many admirable features suited for Half Life Two roleplay. If you don't have this map already, I advise you to download it!

- Large City Plaza with many shops
- Enhanced Nexus with a large underground training facility
- Two separate detainment facilities
- Apartment lock-down and control rooms
- Sky-walk
- Ration Distribution Center
- District 6
- Badlands
- An expansive sewer system and hidden passageways
- C.W.U Offices and Warehouse

Map Download:



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