Field Commander 60145

OOCly commanded by your's truly, Dub.

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The Field Commander who replaced the previous Field Commander, 60311. He is usually seen with his UNION-Issued PHOENIX POLICE Combat Suit and is usually seen equipped with either his SPAS-12 or AR2 Pulse Rifle.

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Pre-Union Name: Redmond Wright

Pre-Union Age: Unknown.

Digits: 60145

Rank: Commander (CmD for short.)

Backstory: Redmond was born in Washington D.C, which was one of the first citys to be taken over by Combine rule. He applied for the Civil Protection back in City 21 which was his first city to be re-located from. He was heavily brainwashed by the Union and turned into the vicious and almost dead inside Commander. Right before the necrotic attack on City 21 he was re-assigned to City 45. He came to the city on unfortunate events after the previous Commander, 60311 was vicously murdered from the top of the Nexus veranda by an unknown Resistance member.