"Next time, ask permission before fucking up."

UU-C45.CmD.60311 (Dec)




This Field Commander unit is the former unit assigned to Union Metroplex 45, under Sectorial Commander 00018.

Pre-Union Name: Daniel Shapiro

Pre-Union Age: 24

Digits: 60311

Status: Deceased                                                            

Clearance: CmD

Bio: Field Commander Unit 60311 was assigned to the city under Secotiral Commander Unit 00018, who was previously in command of Union Metroplex 18 where 60311 was the GRID divisonal unit, in command of the entierity of the GRID division.

60311 is in stasis the majority of the time, accepting and responding to messages sent to his neural hub, and only comes out at times of yellow+ city status.


Prior to this, he was born as "Daniel Shapiro" and raised in Florida. During the 7 hour war, he was hidden away in his small town, far away from anything large-scale. Eventually he was moved into a city once the infestations became too severe, starting in City 18. He enlisted into the UCA here, before the city was taken and moved to City 45, where he currently resisdes.